Thursday, July 26, 2012

Live the Life You Love

There is so much to love about our life: trips to Killarney are one of favourites ways that we live our life.
We had a great 2 night trip this year. We opted to take the inflatable instead of the kayaks this year which let us explore lots of the area. We camped on Hen Island (in the Chickens) instead of our usual Hawk Island. We went to the mouth of the French River, around Philip Edward Island, and into the town of Killarney for fish and chips followed by ice cream cones. The Georgian Bay water was incredibly warm this year; even I went swimming a few times. We did our usual Chikenishing hike (and a swim at the end) once we got everything back loaded into the van. Then it was back to Castle Oma after a schnitzel dinner at the Cedar Village.
Creating using the Live Your Life kit by Meta Wulandari Designs from the June 2012 Digi Files. Her products are available at Memory Scraps.

Warm Summer Nights

There is nothing more beautiful than a warm summer night in Georgian Bay. We had such a wonderful 3 day outing in Killarney this year. The weather was gorgeous - so clear and warm. The water temperature was amazing. Heidi and Stefan swam both nights before bed; Roland joined them the second evening. The sunsets both nights were absolutely amazing. There is something so magical about the warm evening light; we just couldn't take enough photos. Using the inflatable instead of kayaks let us get further along the coast; we camped on Hen Island this year. As the darkness fell, there were frogs everywhere, likely ready to feast on the mosquitoes we avoided by heading into our tents. (July 2012)
Created using O'Scraps Firefly Nights kit that was in the June 2012 issue of the Digi Files.