Wednesday, November 20, 2013

odd-sized photos in Project Life

I have enjoyed watching the first day of Becky's 3-day creativeLIVE class. She has mentioned that she's going to talk about odd-size photos tomorrow. I've been meaning to send in a comment for quite some time now about how I've dealt with my old photos that I haven't yet scanned to get digital versions so I don't want to put any adhesive on them. One option would be adhesive corners - but what I prefer to do it to use an Exacto knife to put 4 short slits into a 6x4 card. I just put pencil dots along each edge about 1/4" from the corner then I simply lined up a metal ruler along the 2 dots for each corner and cut a short straight line. Then I slipped in the photo. I can either put it on a plain one and journal alongside or mount on a more colourful/patterned filler card with no journaling.