Thursday, August 2, 2012

Cooked with Love by Oma

Oma is always cooking up a storm - at home and, most certainly, at the cottage when we're up for a visit. There is a good reason the children coined the name 'Castle Oma' for Kurt and Poldi's cottage on the Pickerel River. Oma lovingly spoiles us all, but mostly Heidi and Stefan. When they were young, she used to serve them breakfast in front of the television. I think she misses those days now that Heidi and Stefan sleep in and get themselves breakfsat. There aren't many 'eggie dogs' served these days. Homemade jam on toast still remains a favourite as do her homemade muffins. Whether Oma is cooking up Austrian specialities like rouladen, goulassh or snitzel, dinners disappear in a flash. Fish, sometimes caught by Stefan (or by their neighbour, Ron) is a recent addition to the menu. Desserts, featuring handpicked blueberries are always enjoyed. It's too bad that there have been so few berries to be found in her favourite picking spots over the past several years. Much of what Heidi and Stefan know about cooking and baking they have learned while up here at Castle Oma. (Photos 2003, 2004 and 2005. Journalling summer 2012)
Created using the Kitchen Tales kit (in June 2012 Digi Files) by Sherwood Studio whose products are available at Digi Chicks.

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